Production Facilities

Our fleet of fifteen power presses range in power from 10 to 120 tonne, giving us the flexibility of running a wide range of tooling.  Of these, there are four presses installed in automatic press lines, allowing us to run progressive and multi-stage tooling.  Other plant machinery include a brake press and two guillotines, one of which can crop 3mm mild steel across a 2400mm width.

Our Production

Our tool room boasts the latest in CAD/CAM software, linked to CNC machinery, and our facility is ready to maintain and store your press tooling on-site, manufacturing your product as required.

Our Employees

At Able Pressed Metal we have a strong commitment to safety.  We have procedures and policies in place to minimise accidents and injury in our workplace.  All of our machinery is guarded to Australian safety standards and our staff are all thoroughly trained in and aware of the safe and effective operation of all machinery.

Your Certainty

We have qualified toolmakers on-site, ensuring all running maintenance on tooling or machinery is performed immediately when required.  This allows us to guarantee the quality level of our products is consistently maintained, retaining the high standards we have set in place regarding our end products.